It’s illegal to be touching or using our phones while driving because we know it’s literally deadly. This video explains why.

The world is built to distract us and our brains love to be distracted. Not a great combination. So how do we teach ourselves to be more focused so we feel more productive?

Here are some things we do to help us be more focused. Experiment and see what works for you.

1. Become a master of the energy diary tool.

2. Know your chronotype and schedule the right activities at the right time of day. Remember the below from our earlier post on sleep?

3. Create a ritual to help you focus. When I am doing data analysis or producing reports for my clients I create a 45-minute time slot in my diary, I clear my desk of everything except the specific things I need for the task, I put an essential oil like basil or peppermint in the diffuser and then put on this piece of music in the background. Then I go for it!

4. Get your phone out of the room. It’s the biggest distraction of all.

5. Create a reward for completing the task. You’ll get your dopamine flowing too.

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