Every single decision we make, whether consciously or unconsciously, impacts our energy.

The trouble is when it comes to our diaries most of us are in default mode on autopilot. We simply say ‘yes’ to every request without considering the impact of that decision.

Unless we consciously choose to fill out diaries with the stuff that energises it, it gets filled with the stuff that doesn’t.

So if there is one skill I wish we could all master it is the ability to manage our diary but with one small reframe, by focusing on energy, not time. I promise you if you master this it will change your life.

Imagine if you opened your diary and 80% of it was people and stuff that was energising and important to you. How would that feel? AMAZING RIGHT?!

The below tool is designed to help you make decisions. Literally do not let ANYTHING into your diary unless you have put it through this tool. Even if you change nothing just building awareness of how things are impacting you will start to help you make different decisions.

Then check out this video for how you use it.

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