If you want to have more energy the first place to start is sleep. After all, waking up tired literally means starting the day already behind. So few of us get the recommended 7-9 hours a night and the quality of our sleep is also having an impact on us.

First of all, it’s important to understand the science of sleep and how sleep impacts us.

Here are the basics of science. The human body follows the circadian rhythm – a 24-hour repeating rhythm that operates as an internal clock. This clock is controlled by two things: external cues such as light and darkness, and internal compounds that trigger and maintain our sleep. These chemicals work together to keep our sleep/wake cycles in harmony.

Adenosine: Slowly builds the desire for sleep (sleep pressure) throughout the day.

Melatonin: Produces drowsy feelings that signal your body is now ready for sleep

Cortisol: Naturally triggers your body to wake up

This TED Talk ‘Sleep is your superpower’ from sleep scientist Matthew Walker is essential viewing.

OK now you understand the importance here’s our next tips.

1. Know what time you should be in bed each night by taking this simple test to understand your chronotype. Understanding your chronotype also allows you to better plan your day based on the types of tasks you need to be doing.

2. Once you know what time you should be asleep, now it’s time to get creative designing a nighttime routine for the hour before that sets you up for a great night’s sleep. If your chronotype has you asleep at 11 pm then your nighttime routine should be 10 pm-11 pm.

The golden rule is that this time should be technology-free and with low-level lighting. Here’s why. From here you can have fun filling the hour with a mix of relaxing activities like a warm bath, meditation, reading light fiction, or even gentle yoga poses.

3. Give your bedroom a makeover by following these two simple rules.

Your bedroom is for two things – sex and sleep. Nothing should be in your bedroom that does not contribute to the quantity, quality and frequency of those two things.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary like a dark, cool cave. Temperature is the #1 factor impacting us falling asleep and staying asleep so start there.

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