• Sean Hall

FIRE: How To Confidently Embrace Change

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

If there's one thing we've learned working in wellbeing is that humans are weird.

We value our wellness most when we are unwell, or as the Dalai Lama puts it we sacrifice our health in order to make money, and then are forced to sacrifice our money to recuperate our health.

At the same time many of us know we want to create change in our lives, whether it's our careers, our relationships or personally but we're often unsure how to go about it.

At Energx to help our clients get results we focus on the '3C's of Change'. Context, Confidence and Community.

Context Part 1. Ask yourself "Where am I now vs where I want to be?" Get really specific. Each of the questions in our mini-assessment are designed to do this for you. As an example today you might only be eating the recommended serve of vegetables four out of ten days and you want to get it to eight.

Context Part 2: This is actually the most important part of context and the part that's often forgotten. Ask yourself "Why is achieving this goal important to me?". The answer to this question should be something that moves you emotionally. Continuing from the example above your answer might be "The reason I want to eat more vegetables is that I want to set a good example for my kids."

Confidence Part 1: In order to reach our goals we need to be confident we have the skills to get there. Firstly we need to identify which skills we need. Include in this the people who might help you learn them because they have already mastered them.

Confidence Part 2: Once we identified the skills we then need to learn and practice them until they become second nature, or even better, to the point we can teach them to others who might need them.

Community: Did you know that you that you'll be 95% more likely to achieve your goal if you share it with someone and ask them to keep you accountable? This fact is what makes this 'C' the most important of all. Find someone you know will regularly say to you "You said you were going to do this, did you do it?"

If you need a little extra help in any of these areas Energx is here to help. It's using this approach which has helped thousands of our clients have more energy for what matters.

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