February 14, 2019

February 12, 2019

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June 27, 2017

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Water is Energy

February 12, 2019

Did you know you only need to be 1% dehydrated to have your mental and physical performance negatively affected? It's no wonder when our brains are around 85% water and our bodies are around 55-60%.


Here's seven simple ways you can drink more water.


1. Reframe water as energy.

2. Make it social. If you're in a team assign one person the task to keep everyone's bottles or glasses full.

3. Choose the right sized water bottle. A smaller bottle will be easier to drink, fit in your bag or briefcase and you'll get the bonus of incidental exercise when you need to get a refill. And of course avoid single use plastic to minimise impact on the environment.

4. Go bubbly. Making your water a little more special can make a difference.

5. Add natural flavours. We love cucumber and mint, lemon and lime and strawberry and blueberry added to cold water. Try your own herbal teas by adding treats like ginger and lemon or orange and cinnamon to hot water. Much cheaper than the bought stuff too!

6. Rather than worrying about quantity just let your body tell you. You'll know you're well hydrated when your urine is a light straw colour.

7. Get into a rhythm that suits you. Try starting your day with a glass of water. If you're regularly in meetings, be the one that makes sure there's a full jug and glasses for everyone and get through a glass before the end of the meeting.   


Drink up!

Sean :)





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