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In fact 95% of our clients recommend us.

Tom Porbert 

Head of Marketing and Innovation | Powershop New Zealand

“Bags of relevant insight that I know heaps of my team will love and I can also start to implement myself - really appreciate it. You did a cracking job on driving the energy right throughout the session - pretty tough when you've not got physical human interaction."

Hannah van Otterloo 

Account Manager | Illuminate Communications

"That was fabulous, a big thank you! Some of my work wives are joking we need 1- minutes like that every morning with a community."

Bizhan Govindji

Strategy Director | Ogilvy | Hong Kong

"It was a brilliant break in my work day. Thank you for your time, your enthusiasm, and for sharing your thinking with us. I was really impressed with the way you actually ran the session. High energy start, music, humour, and smooth tech."

Our experiences are designed from the best of research covering fields like neuroscience, positive psychology, wellbeing, mindfulness and physiology.

"Sean knows what it means to take charge of your wellbeing. He inspires people to work at their energised best to be collectively more productive and creative."

Catherine Bowe - 

Industry Marketing Lead Facebook ANZ

 We all need two new skills right now:

How to stay mentally well for the people you care about the most

How to love WFH full-time*
(*at least a little bit more)

 How to love WFH full-time*
(*at least a little bit more) 

Energx are experts in both 

We asked 1330 people how they feel about WFH full-time
and 80% don't love it.

Here's why...

82% of us are currently in an emotional state
which is impacting our ability to be
productive and creative.

You can expect energy and mental wellbeing  to dip between days 40 - 50 of WFH full-time as reality sets in.

Tia Chakravarty

MBA and Executive Education at Massey University | New Zealand

“One of the best webinars I have been a part of - and I have seen and run lots of webinars - brilliantly done guys.”

Lucio Riberio 

Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing | RMIT Melbourne

“Thank you for being such a beacon of light and inspiration."

Corey Layton

Partnerships Director at Australian Radio Network

"Amazing session today. The room was filled with the team from ARN and your video has been shared nationally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."